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Runway Extension FONSI issued 

Airport Master Plan on CD available upon request. 

 IFP Noise and Traffic Map

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                                   AIRPORT PROJECTS

The Mohave County Airport Authority-Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport has established a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program in accordance with Regulations of the USDOT 49 CFR Part 26.  A DBE Directory for the State of Arizona can be found at  

Extend Runway 16/34 and Taxiway "A" Site Preparation, Grading & Drainage awarded to:                                                   

                                                     FNF Construction, Inc.

                                                    115 South 48th Street

                                                       Tempe, AZ  85281 


Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) Program Objectives/Policy Statement    

FY 2016, 2017, 2018 Updated Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Goals and Methodology Report 



           PRESS RELEASES 

9/17/15  Airport falls short in bid for grant 

8/20/15  Airport  marks National Aviation Day

7/24/15  Airport pledges top $1.1 million 

7/16/15  Airport goes forward with improvements 

7/12/15  Airport nearing goal for matching funds pledge 

6/26/15  Chamber backs grant effort: $10,000 pledged toward airport's bid for regular service 

6/17/15  City makes $250,000 pledge for air service 

4/29/15  Airport's runway expansion close to going out for bids 

4/19/15  Young Eagles take flight

4/16/15  Airport hosting flights of fancy with Young Eagles Day 

4/9/15    Airport hosts Young Eagles Day on April 18 

4/6/15    Pilots complete training mission 

3/22/15  Military Moms say thanks with breakfast for pilots 

3/2/15    Wild blue yonder: Public gets look at WWII-era aircraft  

2/26/15  Airport director addresses misconceptions

2/25/15  Historical WWII-era trainer to visit namesake at airport 

2/11/15  Military Moms and VFW provide support for Navy pilots 

2/11/15  Diamondback students get up close to aviation 

1/29/15  Naval pilot training brings about 150 personnel to BHC airport 

1/22/15  Airport closer to breaking ground on planned runway extension 

1/16/15  Noise or music? 

1/15/15  Aviation magazine honors local airport official 

1/12/15   Navy training in full swing 

12/19/14  Naval jet training coming to BHC airport 

12/19/14  Toys for Tots collects donations 

11/13/14  More details emerge from crash 

11/11/14  Tri-state Toys for Tots drive underway 

11/9/14    Plane forced to make belly landing at airport 

10/30/14  Airport stages disaster drill 

10/24/14  Airport reports business stable 

10/7/14   Airport passed over in bid to secure grant

9/25/14   BHC has competition for grant 

9/22/14   Emergency officials to discuss upcoming mock airport disaster 

8/17/14   Taking flight: National Aviation Day lands in Bullhead City 

8/14/14   Airport observes National Aviation Day 

8/3/14     $945,000 in pledges raised for air service 

7/23/14   Airport collects $735K in pledges toward service 

7/17/14   Airport collects $300K in pledges toward grant 

7/16/14   Council supports airport's grant bid 

7/10/14   Airport Board adds Belhouse 

7/10/14   Airport looks for public help

6/26/14   Airport deadline to pass next week 

6/13/14   No scheduled flights doesn't mean airport quiet 

5/30/14   Airport will receive $2.14M in FAA grant 

5/18/14   Air Patrol gets keys to hangar 

5/14/14   CAP making new home at BHC airport 

4/27/14   Keating, Minguillo assume key roles at airport 

3/16/14   Soaring like an eagle 

2/6/14     Young Eagles program at airport gives youth a chance to soar

1/30/14   Airport officials hold optimistic view 

1/6/14     Airport gets unexpected grant renewal 

12/26/13 Unused airport grant set to expire December 31 

12/26/13 Senior Circle tours airport

11/1/13   Gaines announces retirement, deputy will take top post 

10/11/13 Airport throws 'Hail Mary' to get service 

9/11/13   Vegas storms force three flights to BHC

7/30/13   Frontier rejects airport -- for now 

7/11/13   Airport board approves $1.77M budget

7/11/13   We're close to scheduled service

6/30/13   Noise Study Public Hearing

5/31/13   Local airport has new firefighting truck 

5/13/13   Airport control tower to stay open 

4/28/13   Cash shift keeps airport tower open 

4/26/13   Ex-county supervisor named to airport board 

4/26/13   Airport director sets retirement 

4/22/13   Pilot committed suicide in the air 

4/21/13   Experimental plane crashes, kills 1      

4/12/13   Gaines issues another call for action 

4/11/13   Tower closures will have an impact at four Arizona sites 

4/7/13     Airport towers get two-month reprieve 

4/7/13     Reliving history 

4/5/13     B-25 to be star of air show 

3/29/13   Air show set for April 6 

3/29/13   Airport asks court to intervene 

3/24/13   Control tower to close after April 7

3/20/13   Moran amendment pulled but tower fight continues 

3/13/13   Airport tower set to close April 7 

3/10/13   Legends Over the Colorado III 

3/7/13     Young Eagles take flight on March 16 

3/1/13     Airport director awaits official word on tower closure

2/26/13   Control tower 'in a holding pattern'

2/24/13   Local control tower could be casualty of sequestrian cuts

2/24/13   MCAA sets public noise study workshop

2/12/13   Airport fire station dedicated in memory of Darryl Thompson 

1/21/13   Tri-state represented at Aviation Day 

1/21/13   Toys for many 

1/9/13     Airport authority makes another bid at landing Frontier 

1/4/13     New era begins for Mohave County

12/31/12 Airport ordinance on supervisors' agenda 

12/28/12  Kingman to LA air service now available

12/3/12    Airport ordinance placed on January agenda

11/21/12  Noise control 

11/21/12  Drop-off locations listed for Toys for Tots programs 

10/17/12  MCAA continues wooing carriers for local airport 

9/11/12   Airport wooing passenger carrier 

8/24/12   Mentor visits airport 

7/13/12   Airport to crack down on parking violations 

5/8/12     Airport officials continue to woo potential carriers 

4/11/12   Charter carrier to begin service to Laughlin/Bullhead 

3/28/12   Notice of Public Information Workshop 

3/28/12   Mohave County Airport Authority Hosts Public Workshop for Airport Noise Study Update 

3/26/12   Moving a mountain 

2/2/12     Airport still seeking passenger service 

1/11/12   Board OKs coal slurry pipeline removal 

1/9/12     Pipline removal goes back before board 

12/19/11  Military aircraft a common sight 

12/7/11    Local IHOP hosting Toys for Tots event 

12/6/11    Supervisors approve plan to remove slurry pipeline

11/18/11  Locations listed for Toys for Tots 

11/15/11  Airport fire station goes forward 

11/13/11  Lots to be combined for airport fire station 

10/14/11  Noise study to protect future of airport 

10/13/11  The one that got away 

9/19/11   Airport Authority receives FAA grants 

9/13/11   BREDA ribbon cutting

9/12/11   Board recommends removal of pipeline 

9/9/11     Diverted flight 

9/9/11     Daily airport operations different since 9/11 

8/21/11   MCAA recognizes airport accomplishments 

8/8/11     Subsidy cut won't affect local airport 

8/5/11     Agreement struck to end FAA's partial shutdown 

8/3/11     Take Grand Canyon tour from local airport 

7/26/11   FAA shutdown has local effect 

7/20/11   MCAA Quarterly Board Meeting 

6/21/11   Emergency planning committee to meet in Kingman this afternoon 

5/24/11   A Celebration of Darryl's life 

5/12/11   Darryl Edward Thompson 

5/6/11     AzAA Names Thompson Executive of the Year

5/6/11     Named 2011 Arizona Airport of the Year

5/6/11     Airport negotiating 'two proposals'

4/19/11   Pilot, passenger walk away from rough landing 

4/13/11   BHCPD raising rates to patrol local airport

4/6/11     Kingman gets air service, but what about BHC?

3/24/11   Rare B-29 to be star of Legends over the Colorado River 

3/22/11   Fly-in to bring vintage aircraft to Tri-state 

3/17/11   Airport improvements on ADOT's radar 

3/14/11   Aircraft make brief stop -- but they'll be back 

3/14/11   Official places charter impact at $120 million 

3/4/11     Rare bird to fly over Tri-state 

3/1/11     Charter program soaring

2/28/11    Bringing in Business 

2/5/11     Sniffing out contraband 

1/17/11    Despite rough economy, airport use increased 

12/17/10   Only a drill 

12/5/10    Whole-body scanner coming to local airport

9/9/10      Airport hires consulting firm to lure service 

8/27/10    Airport to use $886,588 grant funds for further improvements 






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